30 capsules – 300 mg CBD
American Ginseng, Melissa,
Gingko Biloba, Hemp Extract


Do you wish to stimulate your memory and your intellectual skills?

At any age, it may be perceived that memory and concentration are not adequately responding parallel to daily needs. The causes can originate from various factors: lack of essential nutrient intake, limited blood supply and premature ageing of tissues.

Our dietary supplement Natureight Focus may be a great help throughout your daily life, in a natural way.

Composition Caps FOCUS:


American Ginseng

American ginseng is well known for invigorating tired people, restoring physical capacity to execute work, enhancing intellectual concentration and reducing stress.

Gingko Biloba 

Gingko biloba is used in Chinese Traditional Medicine during more than 4000 years to strengthen cerebral functions, fight memory losses and improve concentration.


Melissa is a plant which has stood out as a natural remedy in overcoming irritability and anguish. It contributes to an optimal relaxation.

Hemp Extract

According to Izzo AA & Coutts AA (2005) who published Cannabidiol as potential treatment for anxiety disorders

“Current evidence shows that CDB has a considerable potential as treatment for multiple disorders of anxiety…”


Dietary supplements cannot replace a varied and balanced diet nor a healthy lifestyle. A recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Consult your doctor.